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Baby Girl Miraculously Born With Heart Outside Of Chest, Inspires To Never Lose Hope

January 17, 2017
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Before Virsaviya was born, doctors told her mother that she won’t survive a minute after delivery.par-0

Today, six years later, she is simply a sweet, special child spreading many smiles around.par-1


She was born with rarest of the rare medical conditions called the “Pantalogy of Cantrell” which affects 1 in a million children. The disorder causes the heart to be packed outside the chest, protected by just a thin layer of skin.par-3

Doctors told her Mother that her child would not even live through the birthing process, however after six years of her special life journey, Virsaviya is looking forward to a big heart surgery and is hoping to live a normal life.par-4

A Crowdfunding Campaign was set up last year to help cover her medical expenses and in just few weeks over $27,000 were raised.par-5

Despite her disorder, Virsaviya is full of life and energy. Her Mother takes amazing care of her and their love shines through.par-6


“I know why I have heart outside, because Jesus want to show that he can make special things like me,” says Virsaviya.par-8

Watch her story below:

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